Sunday, 12 February 2012

In pursuit of the 'perfect red' (part 1)......

Since starting my blogging adventure, I have found so many Blogs and discovered a whole new world that exists to inform and enrich our lives.

It was while reading the magnificent 'French Essence' I began to think again about the simple art of dressing like French women do.

At almost 53 and looking 52! I have fallen into the old trick of feeling invisible.
So.....what better way to stand out than wearing a beautiful breath taking Red Lipstick.

I have begun my quest to find the  perfect red!!

My only proviso for my first attempt was that it had to be Chanel - why not!!
And my first choice is......

Number 19 - Gabrielle,  a true classic.

I have spent every opportunity trying to catch myself in the mirror, and of course trying to think like a French woman!

The verdict...

Well two good friends have' liked', no 'loved' it.
I think people keep smiling at me- or they could be laughing!!
I don't think my husband has even noticed!!

I'm not sure this is the perfect red me.

 I don't think I look like the wonderful Ines de la Fressange yet!......

 ......but I'm going to stick with it!!

The hunt for the perfect red continues......


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