Thursday, 25 October 2012

Just a quickie...... that is!

Just off  to see Number 1 Snowdrop who is at College in Boston.

Oooh, I can't wait!

The lovely buildings, the shopping, delicious food, great people......

Oh, and I get to hug my hoodie!

Back soon as......

Source:Brown Dress With White Dots 

Hope you have a lovely week,

Liz x

Monday, 15 October 2012

Loving Real Fires......

We had the first real log fires of the year on the weekend.

I love everything about them......

The order of the log store......

The warmth and cozy glow......

The smell......

I don't even mind the clearing out of the grate the next morning......

Here are some wonderful images of some impressive fires and fire surrounds.  Some grand, some quite simple.

Source:Splendid Sass 

Source:Brown Dress With White Dots 


Source:Sometimes Black 

Source: Layla Grace 

Source: Internet 

I love them all - do you have a favourite?

Hope you all have a lovely warm week,


Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Fifty Lovely Shades Of Gre......


Isn't this the most glorious colour?......

Source: Fanciful Floras 

Autumn is well and truly upon us, the leaves on the trees are rapidly turning russet and brown, and before we know it they will have gone and we will be left with the bareness of Winter and all that that brings with it.

Source:Gabba Gabba Gorgeous

I have found some beautiful images to remind us what an optimistic colour green is.

Dont worry, there aren't fifty of them!......


Source: Zsa Zsa Bellagio 

Pretty panelled......

Source:Delmont Drive 

A vision......

Source:Belle Moonlight Dancer

Back to nature......

Source: Simple everyday glamour 

New glass......

Source: Atlanta Homes 

Old Glass......

Source:Brown dress with white dots

Aaah perfection......

Source: Tumblr

Michael Kors I believe......

Source: Dust Jacket Attic 



Until next summer......

Source:Green Like Bathwater

Hope you have a lovely week,


Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Sketch - London

I am so happy to have been part of the very first (I think) Bloggers tea party.

Organised by the lovely Laura from Happyhomemakeruk, 10 game girls and myself met at the wonderful Sketch restaurant in Conduit Street, London.


I must have walked past this restaurant/bar about one hundred times, never finding an opportunity to visit.  I am so glad I have now.

The whole venue, consisting of five restaurants in all is a work of art from the moment you step inside.

From the blood spilt/red central staircase leading up to the Swarovski encrusted bathrooms(I kid you not!) to the wonderfully individual decorated restaurants and bars. Part nightclub, part country house.

And so to the Glade, where we had an afternoon tea to remember.


It was  wonderful to get together with  so many like minded ladies.  In blog years I was the youngest, but not in real years! but everyone was delightful, we chatted and laughed and cooed over Sarah's (moderncountrystyle)lovely baby.

As I'm not a restaurant critic, I can't really do justice to sketch here, but I urge you to look at their fabulous web site, or if you get the chance to visit, go! Suffice to say the food was yummy - and there was a lot of it!  The waiting staff looked gorgeous and for the charming Irish manager (sorry I didn't catch the name) nothing was too much trouble.  That included kindly taking the same photo with ten different cameras!!

And if there is another Bloggers tea party, try and come, it's great fun.

ps: If you think I've gone 'link' mad, you're right!  I've just learnt how to do this!!
Next I'll be crediting photos correctly, selling advertising on my blog, attending conventions...... I might have spawned a monster!!

Hope you have a lovely day,

Liz x