Friday, 11 July 2014

Belated post......Part one......Bo-La......


After two years at College in Boston, number 1 Snowdrop is taking up a 6 month work placement in California.  Los Angeles and San Francisco to be precise.

He, and we, are going to miss lovely Boston.

I for one will miss the magnificent houses along Commonwealth Ave with their chi-chi- front gardens......

And of course Beacon Hill, where if I was going to live anywhere else it would be here......


After packing up Snowdrops room......

No, it wasn't that bad!......

We prepared for the journey east to west coast.

......California sunshine here we come......

For a boy from North London, Snowdrop knows he's hit the jackpot!


Crash pad......


And the bank of Mum and Dad......


What more could you ask for.  All he has to do is to continue to make us proud.

More by luck than design, we left Los Angeles at 10.30 in the evening, on the fourth of July, and witnessed the best firework display in town.  Seen from the sky, quite stunning......



It was amazing.

We flew with (here).

We stayed (here) and (here).

We ate some great food (here) and (here) and (here) !

Phew......sorry......a long post for me......I've bored myself.......

Hope you have a lovely weekend, I will, number 2 Snowdrop returns from his travels in China tomorrow.

Liz x

Monday, 7 July 2014

The best laid plans......



Have just returned from two lovely weeks in America.


I fully intended to blog coast to coast as we travelled from Boston to Los Angeles.  But an un co-operative i pad and an un reliable wifi connection made my efforts quite frustratingly impossible!


So if I've posted strange comments on your blog - 3 or 4 times! Or not commented at all - I apologise!

Back home now and looking forward to catching up and getting back to blogging normal.

Hope you have a lovely week,

Liz x

Monday, 16 June 2014

Diptyque - aholic......

...... surely a word.

As you may know, I love Diptyque candles.  At this time of the year exchanging Pomander and Feu de Bois for Figeur and Jasmine.

As a consequence I have a cupboard full of empty glass jars. I use mine as holders for votive candles, or planted up with tiny plants or as vases for Lily of the Valley for a summer dinner party.

Other clever folk are way more imaginative with their empty Diptyque jars......


Source: s-u-n-s-h-i-n-e-soul.

Source:unknown sorry

Source: stubborn-lov3

Source: theoceansunset


Source: theoceansunset


The great thing about design as simple as Diptyque's, is that it is a versatile foil to many colours and shapes, and can be used again and again. Even on their own they make a great image.
This is my kind of re-cycling!

How do you re-use yours?

Hope you have a lovely week,
Liz x

Monday, 2 June 2014

Liberty Flowers......

I can never resist taking a quick photo of the flowers displayed outside Liberty in London.

Here's a selection - usually taken with my i-phone.

Same shots, just different flowers......

Hope you don't find them too boring,  they're just so uplifting on a grey London street.

Have a lovely week,

Liz x

ps. it's also the best entrance to the shop.  I think you should have to walk through florist to enter any store - don't you?

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Lollipop, lollipop......

V. busy in the garden at Snowdrop towers at the moment.

It's 'open gardens' time again - I mentioned it in a past blog here, and two years has passed very quickly.

From my bedroom window it looks blooming marvelous......

but up close and personal it looks in need of some urgent care and attention.

Nice but bit lazy gardener has gone AWOL, so its all hands on deck to knock it into shape before we open the garden gates on the 22nd of June - I've even had to acquaint myself with the power hose...... but I digress......

My perfect garden would be very formal. I love the form and structure of box hedging, and I don't need a lot of colour - perhaps a touch of white from a lacy viburnum......

Or an old favourite Hydrangea......


In this case Hydrangea Annabelle.

But pride of place would go to topiary specimen in the form of 'lollipops'.

Source: nonconspiracyorchestra

Source:Unknown sorry




Can you have too much of a good thing?......

Me - I'm off to continue my weeding!

Hope you have a lovely week,
Liz x

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Line them up......

Whilst I'm probably on the other end of the spectrum to Julia Robert's husband in the film 'Sleeping with the enemy' - (read lazy!), I can't help feeling a little bit of joy when I see rows of jars neatly stored on pantry shelves......



Source:unknown sorry



Source: thelittlecorner

Source:tiny white daisies

Source: thelittlecorner


Aren't they wonderfully ordered?

What type of girl (or guy) are you?......

Line them up neatly, or throw them in and close the door?!

Hope you have a lovely week,

Liz x