Friday, 30 March 2012

A room with a view to......

I have just handed my study over to my lovely son for his A level revision......

So I have been searching on line for virtual alternatives......

I could work here.......

Source:House Beautiful

I could write my novel here......

Source:House Beautiful

I could plan a trip here......

Source:House Beautiful

I could sit with a friend......

Source:Design Sponge

I could organise here......

Source:Material Girls

I could write a fabulous blog with thousands of followers.......

Source: Material Girls

Or I could creep in here, close the door......

Source:House Beautiful

And no one would ever find me......

Have a lovely weekend.....




  1. Hi Liz - thanks for the lovely comment on my blog! Oh, how I dream of an office like the one in the first image! I have a disused garage next to the house that I promise will get converted at some point to house my office/workshop (that sounds so grand - but it will probably just be a place where I drink tea, read blogs and do not much at all!) but it's becoming one of those projects that will always happen "next year"...sigh! Your blog looks gorgeous, and speaking of tea, I shall now settle down for a good read and nosy around your life (in a non-creepy sense!). Welcome, and I look forward to keeping up with all of your adventures. Paula x

  2. Hi Paula, thank you for your comments.
    You are my first 'follower'-so that's just a little bit exciting!!
    Look forward to keeping in touch via our blogs.
    Re Yum Yums, that's a made up name-when you get some you'll know why!
    Ask your local florist to look out for them at their wholesaler. Real name Salagillena.They last forever,if theyre happy which means sitting in water at all times. Ha! I sound like an expert!
    Good luck x

  3. These all look lovely Liz ... I can sympathise with you re. handing over your study! My daughter is also revising for her AS and gets bored with her room and moves all her books onto my desk!
    Thanks for dropping by and leaving me your sweet comment.
    Happy Easter

  4. Hi, Liz - So wonderful to have you visit my new blog. I love the study with the two Tolix metal chairs. I'm currently redesigning and renovating my own study. Will post photos of before and after soon. Thanks for stopping by! Am adding you to my blogroll. Loi in Washington, DC

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog Loi.
      I have just found your Pinterest site too. Just fab!
      Look forward to keeping up with all of your projects, and keeping in touch via our blogs.

    2. Liz - Are you on Pinterest? If so, please let me know so I can follow your boards. Thanks! Loi

  5. Hi Liz,

    Thank you for visiting my blog and for your lovely comment. I'm so happy to meet you, find your blog and follow!

    I am currently sharing home-office space in a room that serves many purposes-- my 2-year-old's play space, my 8-year-old's hangout place & my husband's movie-watching space. But my little desk looks out of a dormer window over the neighborhood and I get a pleasant breeze sometimes when the window is open. I have gotten inspiration from several of the wonderful multi-tasking rooms you have shown here! I wish you good luck in find your new "you space"!