Tuesday, 24 January 2012

It's about time......

I've been thinking about writing a Blog for ages - may be years, but in my usual procrastinatory  (oh yes spell-check, I'm sure that is a word!) did nothing abut it.

I thought about it again last year and finally after a lot of deliberation, research and a lot more thinking about it took the plunge, chose a name, set up a site, chose a template and ....... more nothing!

It was my good friend Fiona that said 'Just do it', or was that Nike? Anyway she said get on with it and write your first post.

I have set myself a challenge of posting on this  Blog at least once a week, hopefully more.  But its going to be a  slow process and it might not be very pretty.  But here goes nothing!

Wish me luck.....


  1. Love the Snowdrop Project!!!!!!! xxxxx .....looking forward to more:-)

  2. I am soooooo glad you did start a blog! It's FAB!! I was exactly the same - did nothing for 2 years. Then at Christmas I swore I would start one on Jan 1 - I think it's the first New Year's resolution I have ever kept. I'm very glad I did because it's meant that I can meet lovely bloggers like you who make me smile!