Thursday, 26 January 2012

Rainy days......

I woke up to heavy rain, but thought that it would be a perfect day to visit one of my favourite garden centres.

Clifton Nurseries in London's Little Venice, is the oldest and one of the most inspiring garden centres there is.

From the road follow a plant filled alley into a secret oasis full of plants and objet, destined for smart and sometimes not so smart London gardens.

If only I could transport these to my garden........

Box heaven!

Or this magnificent display of spring plants......


Time for tea now?......

But no! Cafe closed for refurbishment!!

No Red Velvet cake today.  My diet thanks you.

Of course I couldn't leave without buying something...........

These are called Salagillena, but in my house we call them Yum Yums!!

It was a Yum Yum morning!


  1. They look fabulous - I want some yum yums too! Do you have them as a table display/house plant or do they live outside?(Novice gardener alert - although I have skulked around garden centres for years - including Clifton - I know absolutely nothing about plants!)

  2. Hiya! why do you call them yum yums?? cute name


  3. ps - I'm a garden centre addict too! like you prefer if they have a cafe/tearoom - that MAKES the trip for me!!