Monday, 14 May 2012

Am I brave enough......

To paint the TV room dark grey or black......

I have found some wonderful images of rooms whose owners have taken the plunge......

source:This will be my future house

Perfect for displaying art work......

Source:This will be my future house

Source:imminent environment

Source:Sarah Klassen

Lovely doors - but check out the rug!......

Source:Vintage home

A real bachelor pad......

Source: Desire to inspire

Works well in the bedroom......

Source:Desire to inspire

Source:This is my future house

Oh so classic......

Source:The little corner

Loving the library......

Source: Farrow and Ball

At the moment we worship at the temple of Farrow and Ball's - "Elephants Breath".

As I said......

Am I brave enough......


Hope you have a lovely week.



  1. Yikes....I am not, Liz! Too dramatic for little me. But, those rooms you selected are really stylish. My favorites are the ones with the contrast of the dark walls and light floors (golden oak, sisal carpet, and light tiles). Especially the room with the arched Palladian window.
    XO, Loi

  2. That's wonderful, I like dark colours on the walls!

    Enjoy your day!! Hugs, Ingrid

  3. Hi Liz, I LOVE the idea of it, especially in a dining room, where you can get away with quite a dark, intimate atmosphere and low light. However, personally, I'm far too terrified that I'll get it wrong and end up with a dining room that has too many sado masochistic, dungeon style qualities - and I wouldn't want any dinner guest to misinterpret the invitation!
    The closest I'll get is F&B's French Grey which I'm actually about to use in my dining room. In some areas it can look quite light, but as my dining room is naturally quite a dark room, I'm hoping that it'll come out looking quite moody and dark olive.
    I say go for it if it's just for the TV room, and you have other reception rooms that are lighter. It'll have an almost cinema like quality to it which could be quite fun!
    Paula xxx

  4. Hi Liz...thanks for popping by my blog lovely to hear from you.
    Gorgeous post and beautiful images...I love the Classic room, so elegant.

  5. Go for it Liz! I did my husbands den in a dark navy blue, and we love it. It is the one room that people always comment on(the colour), I guess as you pointed out, because most of us don't commit to dark colours. The one you are thinking of is beautiful....Let us know!

  6. Go for it! You can always paint over it if you don't like it. A couple of my favorite dark grays are Benjamin Moore's Chelsea Gray and Benjamin Moore's Wolf Gray which has a hint of blue and gives a slightly Gustavian look I think.

    I'll look forward to knowing whether you take the plunge!


  7. Thank you for your lovely comments and suggestions.
    The Jury's out here. Mr Snowdrop thinks I've gone mad!
    I think its going to take a leap of faith and a steady hand. No more coffee for 'Mike the painter'!
    As Keri said we can always paint over it - so maybe I'll start on the bookcases.
    I'll keep you posted!
    Hope you have a lovely day.

  8. Good luck with your decision. All these rooms look fabulous, but I'm not sure I would be that brave! Penny x

  9. I think go for it! I love Elephant's breath as well and recently painted two of the walls in son's room this colour and love it. I would usually go paler in the living spaces but why not try it? I recently saw a post by Bluebells and Lavender blog with from Abigail Ahern with some lovely dark greys if you're interested and they looked sophisticated and cosy!!


    1. Thanks Sharon,
      I love Abigail Aherns blog-I'll check out the post on dark grey rooms.
      I'm still not sure this project is going to get off the ground!
      Hope you have a overly weekend.

  10. Elephants Breath has always been a favourite of mine - but I've never been brave enough to use it. Maybe I can like vicariously through you!? Hugs, B x

  11. DO IT
    DO IT
    DO IT
    do it
    do it
    do it

    i love a moody room.

    do you have enough light? you should be fine :)