Saturday, 5 May 2012

Shallow - moi?......

Ok, I promise never to mention my tulips again after this, but I just had post some pictures of the same white tulips that have just popped up to say hello in the back garden of 'little house in London'.

So this time its personal!......

They really clash with the pale pinks and whites planted to compliment the bluebells.

Everything changes when the summer bedding goes in(which at this rate could be in September), and it's an array of green and white again.

Am I a bad person to want them out......NOW!

Hope you have a lovely weekend.


photos taken in haste, but not anger. But I should really have tidied up garden first-sorry!


  1., not bad...just a little controlling, like me!!! I see your point, and believe that I would do the same...just make a promise to re-purpose those kisses of red in a garden pot elsewhere, or gift to a neighbor/friend...Happy Weekend! k

    1. Hi Kathy,
      I love your expression 'kisses of red'.
      It's all fine really, I should just be grateful that we have flowers in the garden whatever the colour. They were just a surprise considering I thought they were going to be chi-chi white!
      I hope you have a lovely Sunday,

  2. Oh, geez, I wouldn't be pleased, Liz! After waiting all winter for them to come up, yikes!! So sorry :-(

    I've been very fortunate with my alliums: all the whites are in the white garden and, the purples in the lavender / blue garden.

    Your London garden is very charming!!

    1. Oh Loi,
      Doesn't it sound 'diva-ish' complaining about the colour of my tulips!
      I'm really grateful to have any flowers there.
      Next year I'll try again- and isn't that the nature of gardening!
      Look forward to seeing more photos of your stunning garden.
      Hope you have a lovely day.

  3. I'm so sorry Liz but the 'Tulip Saga' really tickles me pink (is that allowed - ha ha!)
    I completely 'get' your pain. It's like attending an important wedding, where you have carefully planned and colour co-ordinated your outfit and suddenly looking down to find that you've got one blue shoe on and one yellow - the stuff of nightmares - lol! Hope that you're enjoying your weekend. Paula x

    1. Hi Paula,
      The strange thing is, when I was younger I probably would have been mortified by mis matched clothes and not paid much attention to the colour of flowers ( well maybe not orange chrysanths - but don't get me started!)
      Now fashion has taken a back seat and I'm much more interested in the house and garden.
      Isn't it funny how we change as we get older.
      Hope you have a lovely Bank holiday Monday.

  4. Great post Liz! I am still smiling not in anger nor haste, but fondness;)