Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The Great Escape......

Long weekends,half term, boys home from their travels, mountains of washing and ironing and cooking, cooking, cooking!......

Would anyone notice if I just crept away?......

Any one of these spaces would be a perfect place to escape......

They'll never find me here......

Source:Striped Cherry

I'm just writing my blog......

Source:Crush cul de Sac

I'll just tuck myself behind the Gerbera......

Source:Frankly Esoteric

Ok, you found me, come and join me......

Source:Dream and design

Just five more minutes......

Source: Love French Bulldogs

Where would you escape to?

Source:Striped Cherry

Hope you have a lovely day.



  1. Oooh yes please - I'll join you in that last image - I could daydream for hours there!
    Paula xx

  2. So nice! I was going along right with you...ahhhhh...so rested:) Loved the window in the second one, but you would be more apt to find me on the chaise in the 4th....sleeping:) Happy Tuesday!

  3. Can I join you ladies? We'll need more seating furniture, Liz. I'll need two chaise loungers to spread out....no, I won't share with Brenda. :-)

  4. I often feel like hiding away and I will happily join you in any of these places! x sharon

  5. Lovely hide away images! How lovely when you can find an image close your eyes and just dream! Esp with the weather we're having........ Thank you

  6. Ah, to have a nook of one's own ! Any of these would do, except perhaps the last one, it looks like Paris to me ! Great blog, I'm your newest follower !

  7. Hi, and thanks so much for following my blog! I'm your newest follower as well; lovely to meet you and I look forward to reading your posts...
    I post once a week,
    take care,
    Jenah xo

  8. Oh yes! I want to play the escape artist too. That gorgeous little conservatory would be just right for me. I would read, write, read some more, eat, then fall asleep. Super lovely post!


    p.s. thanks so much for your lovely compliment at my place.

    1. Thank you friends for all of your lovely comments on this post.
      I've been a bit bonkers around the house this week , hence lack of replies and new post.
      Normal service to be resumed ASAP. Or I might just plan my own 'Great Escape'!
      Hope you have a lovely week,

  9. Lovely lovely blog and so nice pictures!

    Have a great and take care...

  10. There are times when I would love to join you to one of the places shown above :-)! Where I would escape to.......I think it will be my allotment garden. The perfect place for 'peace and quiet'!

    Have a lovely new week!

    Madelief x

  11. Picture number one ...a place to enjoy a good book.