Monday, 25 June 2012

It's been a bit busy...... the garden!

Last weekend, we opened our garden (along with others in our village) to the public in aid of charity.

It happens every other year, and the third Sunday in June is preceded by lots of trips to the garden centre, intense scrutiny of  weather reports, and dawn watering sessions with watering cans of course  because of the hose pipe ban!!

Here are a few shots of the fruits of our labour.

Because of the huge amount of rain we've had everything looks beautifully green and lush - confirming that every cloud has a silver lining!

Lavender and box, my new favourite combination......

We are lacking floral displays, either the rabbits - Flopsie and Mopsie ate them, or the wind knocked them over!......

But I love a green garden......

Yes, here's one I planted earlier, and it is a bit wonky!!......

It was a great day......

And almost 2,000 people came through the garden!......

We can relax now until 2014 ......

Hope you all have a lovely day.



  1. Wow...2000 people, you have been very busy!! I hope you had a wonderful weekend and that you have given a lot of inspiration to other people.

    With love, Ingrid

  2. OH MY GOODENSS - 2000 people! You wonderfully brave woman! However, I'm not surprised that so many people wanted to see it, because your garden is absolutely STUNNING! Utterly, utterly gorgeous - but how could you have kept it hidden from us for so long - I would be showing it off in every post - lol! I love a green garden too, and the box/lavender combination is a favourite of mine.
    Wonderful pictures - please keep them coming.
    Have a great (and restful!) week.
    Paula xxx

  3. Hello Liz,
    Thank you so much for becoming my latest follower - you've made my day!
    I look forward to having a read through your blog.......
    All best,
    Essie x

  4. wow, such lush and beautiful gardens; my absolute favorites are the english gardens! And one can never have enough boxwood either; they are just fabulous.
    Have a beautiful week,
    Jenah xo

  5. Dear Liz ~
    Thank you for the peeks into your garden. Is that a walled garden? I'm with Paula: why haven't you swung that door open sooner? H-E-L-L-O!!! Please come in blog friends ;-) Well done, Liz.....good cause.
    Cheers from hot and humid DC,

  6. Wow what a stunning garden! I opened my previous garden many years ago and I know how much work is involved, but I don't think it was anywhere near as big as yours. Thanks for the pics, would love to see more. Penny x

  7. Liz how beautiful!!! I will try to make it on the tour next time I'm in your neighbourhood;) Love the idea of boxwood and lavender, hope you don't mind if I steal that idea...I will be sure to give you credit of course:) Have a great week, Brenda

  8. What a gorgeous garden. I love all the green and your front gate with the wisteria framing it is just dreamy. x Sharon

  9. WOW, your garden is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! I am green (pun not intended!) with envy!!

    A friend of mine locally opens her garden every year for charity, she does it in May - and another friend went to Herts last week-end for an opening, wouldn't it be funny if it was your garden??!! 2000 people is amazing!!

    Off to look at your lovely photos again :)

  10. ooh i love your garden... and blog... I will surely visit again.
    Bec x

  11. Your garden is divine!!! I'm sure everyone loved it and to open it for charity is brilliant. I would love to do that one day but not in its current messy state! As you say the only good think about the rain is that everything looks so lush!!


  12. Oh my! I wish I had been one of the 2,000!! Your garden looks beautiful. I'm really impressed! Hats off to you for lending it to a worthy cause.