Saturday, 1 September 2012

Fantasy Dressing Rooms......

One of my 'Home Alone' projects has been to de-clutter my dressing room, and sort out my wardrobes.

Allow me, if I may to play fantasy dressing room......

So pretty......

Source:Elle Decor 

Source:Dressed to the 9s

Source: Tory Burch 

Super organised......

Source:The Glossier Nerd 

Yikes- hanging boots......

Source:The Library

or maybe a little more relaxed and wacky......

Source: Touch of Elegance

Source: Dressed to the 9s

I'll stack my hats......

Source: Buckets of Burlap 

And store my shoes......

Source:House of Tulips 


Such pretty things on my dressing table......


Source:Glamour begins at home 


And I'll just sit here a while and admire my work......

Source:Elle Decor

......Ok, fantasy over!

Thank you for indulging me!

Have a lovely week,



  1. It's a dream to have a dressing room like this!

    Happy weekend!! Love, Ingrid

  2. I'll have the first one, please !xx

  3. Hi, Liz ~
    Beautiful dressing rooms! I would have to go shopping for all new clothes. Wouldn't that be fun? And handsome wooden hangers of course :)
    Have a fabulous weekend.

  4. Hi Liz, I could definitely get used to hanging up my boots in a walk-in like that - especially if I had the chandelier and the silk buttoned pouff to go with it! I'm already a hat box addict, so I could just about manage that little scenario - ahh yes - and to have the little gilt table and chinoiserie wallpaper would be perfection - I'd never leave!
    Have a wonderful weekend yourself,
    Paula xxx

  5. I love dressing rooms! I just pulled everything out of mine and cleaned it top to bottom, it felt so good! I do however, want to re-paint and wallpaper one wall...that might be next year;) Great inspiration, thanks. B

  6. I love the blue, but really what luxury it would be to have great storage. Difficult living in a shoe box!
    Penny x

  7. I wish to have the first one and it can be my dream dressing room as well. I loved all above because ever item has its distinguished features. Thanks for sharing this.

    Kim@ dressing tables

  8. Hi Liz,
    I'm proud to tell you that I've nominated you to receive the Liebster Award! Please check my posting today for more information. Congratulations!
    Bec x

  9. That first one is so lovely, I would spend all day in there. It wouldn't be just a closet, it would be a refuge!

  10. How is it going Liz? Getting anything done or relishing in the quiet? This reminds me that I need to do my closet. Enjoy home alone.

  11. Oh what a dream it would be to have one of the dressing rooms.

    Have a great day.

  12. Those dressing rooms are a dream, really! I can assure you that mine looks nothing like that - more like a yard sale jumble, sadly. I hope you are enjoying your "home alone" time and are getting lots done - even if it is just day dreaming! XO

  13. Most impressive, but I can't even imagine that being a reality. Mine is closer to Jeanne's yard sale jumble. Ah, but one can dream...

  14. Gorgeous dressing rooms nd, I wish thatI had one so beautiful !
    Taks so much for your lovely coment today and for alays being so supportive. Much love. XXXX

  15. Such a fun daydream! I would die for a gorgeous dressing room :)

    Abbey x

  16. You have a dressing room??? Do we get to see?!

    I am insanely jealous!! We have very lovely fitted wardrobes, which we designed, but NOT my own dressing room! Maybe when my children have all flown the nest I can commandeer one of their bedrooms!!


  17. Hey Liz, I would love any of these rooms - imagine a whole room - just for dressing - heaven!! Do you have a dressing room?? I actually have a bit of a hall - should make more of it really!


    ps - soooo sorry I'm only catching up now! not enough hours in the day at the moment!!!