Monday, 15 October 2012

Loving Real Fires......

We had the first real log fires of the year on the weekend.

I love everything about them......

The order of the log store......

The warmth and cozy glow......

The smell......

I don't even mind the clearing out of the grate the next morning......

Here are some wonderful images of some impressive fires and fire surrounds.  Some grand, some quite simple.

Source:Splendid Sass 

Source:Brown Dress With White Dots 


Source:Sometimes Black 

Source: Layla Grace 

Source: Internet 

I love them all - do you have a favourite?

Hope you all have a lovely warm week,



  1. Yes, there is really nothing better. We have had the first two of the season in the last few days. The dogs love it as much as we do.

  2. We starting burning fires about a month ago (a tad colder in Canada;)), and I love them too! I would never get out of the tub if I had that first option available to me!

    1. I was going to say the same thing.. A real fire and a hot tub plus a good book ... Heaven on Earth !!x

  3. I love a roaring fire - we've had ours going for a couple of weeks now - any slight drop in temperature is an excuse for me! My favourite is number 5 - the fire looks fierce and strong, and the sofas are big enough to curl up in. All in all that one definitely passes the 'cosy' test - not sure how it will stand up to a glass of red wine (or three) though!
    Paula xxx

  4. The warmth of a real fire, so special and comforting!! I also enjoy the sounds of logs crackling. A glorious time of year ~ Enjoy!

  5. My favorite is the second to last. The room looks so cozy.
    It's still too warm here in northern CA but I've brought a basket of wood in so I'm ready at first cool snap we get.
    I love everything about fires too. Lovely post!

  6. I love them all but my favorite is the one with fireplace in the bathroom! It must be lovely to have a bath in such surroundings! Unfortunately we do not have a fireplace - in Switzerland not many people do and in an apartment like ours it is difficult. I absolutely adore it and I do envy you! A crackling fire is awesome... Christa

  7. Totally obsessed with fires in the cold months! We love our woodburner - the cosy factor and warmth, the flickering light and smell of wood, adore it all! Our Norwegian friends have a little open fireplace at waist height in their kitchen that they light every morning before breakfast in the winter, so crazily cosy! Makes we wonder if the bathroom pic is scandinavian? x

  8. ps thanks for your kind comments about my jewellery. I am having a private view at home on 9 November, let me know if you would like an invite - (feel free to bring friends if you would like). x

  9. COOL interiers que vous montres j'aime bien! :o)
    Bonne semaine!
    xxx Maria xxx

  10. Oh, I agree there is nothing lovelier than a log fire ;-)
    Thank you for popping by always lovely to hear from you.
    Enjoy the rest of the week and the weekend.

  11. There are few things I love more than a roaring fire, second only to my family sitting around it!


    Simple Everyday Glamour

  12. We had our first fire a couple of weeks ago and stayed up gossiping in its glow until the early hours. I agree with Paula and pick number five which looks extra cozy and comfy.

  13. The first image is my favorite. I really miss having a real wood fire. I have a gas fireplace, which is convenient and mess-free, but if I were choosing I would gladly handle the little bit of cleanup for the crackle, smell and feel of the wood fire.


  14. Hello Liz! How the devil?
    I consider a fire whilst having a long leisurely bath the height of luxury a la Downton! In my dreams obviously...

    Sarah -x-

  15. We had the first fire last week too. I love them. I wish I had a gas fireplace though so I could have an instant fire with no mess at times! Hope all is well Liz.
    xo Nancy

  16. Hey Liz, all gorgeous but the last one is definitely my favourite! I LOVE this time of year when we get the fire going - nothing like a good fire and snuggling up on the couch! Bliss!


  17. Beautiful! That's one thing that I really miss this time of year. I'm looking forward to visiting the in-laws for Christmas and spending time in front of their fireplace. Perfect & cozy!