Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Sketch - London

I am so happy to have been part of the very first (I think) Bloggers tea party.

Organised by the lovely Laura from Happyhomemakeruk, 10 game girls and myself met at the wonderful Sketch restaurant in Conduit Street, London.


I must have walked past this restaurant/bar about one hundred times, never finding an opportunity to visit.  I am so glad I have now.

The whole venue, consisting of five restaurants in all is a work of art from the moment you step inside.

From the blood spilt/red central staircase leading up to the Swarovski encrusted bathrooms(I kid you not!) to the wonderfully individual decorated restaurants and bars. Part nightclub, part country house.

And so to the Glade, where we had an afternoon tea to remember.


It was  wonderful to get together with  so many like minded ladies.  In blog years I was the youngest, but not in real years! but everyone was delightful, we chatted and laughed and cooed over Sarah's (moderncountrystyle)lovely baby.

As I'm not a restaurant critic, I can't really do justice to sketch here, but I urge you to look at their fabulous web site, or if you get the chance to visit, go! Suffice to say the food was yummy - and there was a lot of it!  The waiting staff looked gorgeous and for the charming Irish manager (sorry I didn't catch the name) nothing was too much trouble.  That included kindly taking the same photo with ten different cameras!!

And if there is another Bloggers tea party, try and come, it's great fun.

ps: If you think I've gone 'link' mad, you're right!  I've just learnt how to do this!!
Next I'll be crediting photos correctly, selling advertising on my blog, attending conventions...... I might have spawned a monster!!

Hope you have a lovely day,

Liz x


  1. OMG too funny Liz about the link! I just learned how to do it too...although I never thought of colouring it, so thanks! My daughter teased me about being so "techie" now. Ha! Wonderful idea to meet, wish I was there!!! Happy Wednesday:)

    1.'s in colour????????!
      How did I do that?
      Have a lovely day,

  2. It is always so much fun to meet another blogger. Ten together? How fantastic! Will have to check out Sketch next time I'm in London.

  3. I can imagine you had a wonderful time together!!

    Many hugs, Ingrid

  4. Sounds like tons of fun and a restaurant to put on the must visit list!
    All best,

  5. How fabulous, I LOVE Sketch - SO sorry that I was unable to attend this time round! I'm studying the photo and trying to make out who is who, it must have been so much fun to meet everyone in person - wish I'd been there!
    Best wishes,
    Paula x

  6. It sounds like so much fun! What a wonderful thing to be a part of- lucky you! Wish I could have come.

  7. Hey Liz...great post...good should be very proud..I was thinking about you today and intended to email you to help you with your links, but you've worked it out...the best way...It was great meeting you yesterday, it was such fun wasn't it...much more than I expected...11 women in a room yacking for three hours! I did intend to post today but it ended up being a rather busy one...hoping I will manage it fact I've already promised Sarah that I will!! Robx

  8. What a lovely post Liz and how lovely it was to meet you (and the girls) yesterday. Sketch was fabulous wasn't it? Maybe next time we could suggest The Grove up here in Herts?!

    Louise x

  9. Dear Liz,
    First of all, it must have been lovely to meet so many bloggers and secondly, in such fabulous surroundings !! Sketch sounds brilliant ..... I see that you girls like to do things in style !!
    ..... and many thanks for your lovely comment today and for being so supportive. Sorry that I haven't been supportive back but I have just got a new Mac and I'm getting used to it !! XXXX

  10. Such a pleasure to meet you there, Liz! I'm quite intrigued by Louise's suggestion of The Grove - I don't know it :) Lovely post for a lovely day. (Nice linking too!) XOL

  11. It looks like a lovely tea party - one I sadly missed as I found out too late and had other things planned...if it happens again, I will definitely make a plan. I read about this stunning restaurant a few months looks beautiful! Happy week. Sharon x

  12. How fun! And seriously? Swarovski encrusted bathrooms? What a place! Have a wonderful Friday.

  13. Hi Liz,

    Your tea party looks like fun! Makes me wish I was there too :-)

    Happy weekend!

    Madelief x

  14. Que linda esa terraza con cojines turquesa

  15. Ooh.. I'm jealous!... And very happy you were there. I was in London over 10 years ago and fell in love with it and the country. I always say I'll go back soon, but having/raising babies has slowed me up a bit.

    So funny about the links! I'll have to check them all out.


  16. Liz, it was fab, wasn't it?! It was so nice to meet you! Congrats on figuring out the linking! x