Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Line them up......

Whilst I'm probably on the other end of the spectrum to Julia Robert's husband in the film 'Sleeping with the enemy' - (read lazy!), I can't help feeling a little bit of joy when I see rows of jars neatly stored on pantry shelves......



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Source: thelittlecorner


Aren't they wonderfully ordered?

What type of girl (or guy) are you?......

Line them up neatly, or throw them in and close the door?!

Hope you have a lovely week,

Liz x


  1. A bit of both! I go from neat to messy to neat to messy...... A constant battle here! :)

  2. I think a mix would be the best for me. Wonderful pictures, Liz.

    Sending hugs, Ingrid

  3. I am absolutely obsessed with storage and creating order - maybe to an unhealthy degree. ;-)

  4. Probably a neat freak. All stored away in drawers and most of the worktop clutter free - as far as this is possible with a family and everybody dumping his stuff. Though I do love a neat row of jars - love big old ones and have my eye on some in a shop around the corner. Just couldn't decide if they would be allowed on the work surface/shelf or not ... Have a great day! x

  5. In my dreams, I'm a "line them up neatly" girl. In reality, I have 2 kids & a crazy wonderful husband. Enough said. ;)

    Love all the inspiration. I've been organizing this week while it has poured rain.


  6. Definitely line them up neatly :-)!

    Wishing you a Happy week!

    Madelief x

  7. just found your lovely blog and totally love your post about neatly lined up jars! Am off to tidy my cupboards forthwith! Imogen x

  8. Hello Liz

    I am visiting your lovely, lovely blog for the first time via dear Madelief's. You write that you are a little lazy when it comes to organising your shelves and putting things away but your blog posts are delightfully arranged according to a theme. They make for a satisfying read!

    Sometimes I'm messy and sometimes I'm tidy. I think the constant wave of clutter created by three children is a good excuse not to be super organised ;-)

    Warm wishes from France,


  9. A self confessed 'neat freak' I'm afraid Liz!

    Nice post! Have a lovely week…..

    Sophia xx

  10. Haha Liz …. Sleeping with the Enemy was so creepy wasn't it ?
    But …. the lines of jars that you have shown are so far removed from that film though …… every image is beautiful and very much my style.
    …. and, many thanks for your lovely comment today …. our garden is North facing so, we are limited somewhat with what we can plant. Ferns, hostas, rambling roses and lots of shrubs is the way to go in our garden !!
    Keep those jars all facing the same way !! XXXX

  11. Hi dear Liz! Me too I love to see all things ordered!
    Lovely post!
    And thank you so much for your comments on my blogposts!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  12. Ah yes Liz. I am getting the measure of you now, clipped box hedges, jars in rows...etc.etc. I am sorry to say that I am haphazard and messy, until I can't stand it anymore and then everything gets organized for a little while. Lots of love, Linda x