Monday, 5 May 2014


Our beloved Wisteria has made an appearance once



She gets many an admiring glance over the garden wall......


And this is just the start of a Summer long show.

Source:Unknown sorry

Here are some more magnificent examples of the wonderful Wisteria......




Source:Unknown sorry



Welcome Madame Wisteria, the stage is all yours!

Hope you all have a lovely week,


  1. What fabulous Wisteria images Liz….especially your own! I adore them, and have been taking photos this weekend of ours in full bloom, which I plan to share on my blog soon. That town house image is magnificent!

    Hope you had a happy bank holiday weekend?

    Sophia x

  2. Your wisteria looks wonderful Liz, the scent is so amazing isn't it, definitely one of my favourites! Hope you are having a wonderful long weekend.
    Paul x

  3. The Wisteria in your garden is wonderful, Liz. Last year we were very suprised by a wisteria, full in bloom in our garden. We couldn't remember we planted the wisteria here, but you will understand this wonderful plant is very welcome.

    Sending hugs, Ingrid

  4. Aaaah, your house looks wonderful ! And curiously, I "discovered" wisteria only when I came to live in my little Paris suburb 14 years ago. Quite a few houses around me have it on their garden walls and when I walk the dog, I enjoy its intoxicating perfume. And of course, it always reminds me of Desperate Housewives too ... xx

  5. The wisteria around your house looks beautiful Liz!

    Madelief x

  6. Liz, wow that's gorgeous and so is your house! I tried to grow it last year but was unsuccessful. How old is yours?
    Many thanks for your visit and comments. I use Autentico paint, which is an Italian chalk paint, they sell it at the shop where I have my little booth. It is similar to Annie Sloan. Unless your table is a fine antique, I would give it a go. Have a lovely week ahead, love Linda x

  7. Beautiful, Liz..and your home looks wonderful; idyllic.
    Thanks for popping by...have a good week xx