Sunday, 15 April 2012

Aga envy......

As anyone who knows me will tell you......

I have Aga envy!

Source:Exeter Foundry

I have been known to visit my local Aga shop just to stroke this little baby......


I have a friend that has two Agas- Ok, in two houses- but Really!!


So to keep the green eyed monster at bay , I have found some wonderful images of Agas living in other peoples homes......

One of my 'objects of desire'- A Plain English kitchen- with Aga of course......

Source:Plain English


Source:Plain English

Choose your colour......

Source:!st Option Locations

Two oven......

Source:The Paper Mulberry

Or four......


The heart of the home is the kitchen......

Source:Landmark kitchens

And the heart of my kitchen would definitely be an Aga......

Source Marjorie Stevens via tumblr

Happy cooking!



  1. Liz - I too have AGA envy :(

    Each time I travel to the UK, I covet them dearly. They are harder to find in the US. If we ever get a country house, I'm pushing for a blue AGA! Cheers, Loi

    1. I didn't realise that Agas were not so common in the US.
      I am a definite believer in positive thinking, so you never know - one day......

  2. One of my main criteria when buying a house in the countryside was to have a Plain English kitchen AND an AGA. I got the Plain English kitchen (LOVE THEM!!!) but sadly, I didn't get the AGA. I have felt as though it were the 'lover who got away' ever since...sigh!

    1. Ha! When I'm not stroking AGAsI have my nose pressed up against the window of Plain English in Marylebone.
      Lucky you!
      One day,one day!......


  3. One day I am sure . . . . you will have one, if it's on your wish list, it's only a matter of time!!

  4. Hi Liz, it's lovely to meet you and I have just spent a while trawling through your lovely blog. I do share your love of Plain English kitchens...I sometimes drop into their website just to drool over the pics. I was also interested to see your post on Clifton Nursery...I love a good nursery too...have been to Petershams last year (did a post in Sept. I think) and was blown away by the gorgeous displays. How's the weather in ole Blighty at the moment...I'm visiting my family in Melbourne right now and it's raining cats and dogs!! Robx