Saturday, 28 April 2012

It's a good job......

......that I've got a sense of humour.

I thought I'd post photos of the beautiful white tulips, I planted in the Autumn.

Yes, that's right......

White tulips......

I think there's been a mix up......

But the style police haven't knocked on the door yet......

And they are still quite lovely in their own way.

I like to think someone somewhere is having a chuckle.

Nature...... Garden centre...... Optician!

Photos taken on a rainy afternoon in the front garden of our little house in London.

Have a great weekend.



  1. Hmmm, what would I do if that happened in my garden??? Think I would enjoy them, and yank out asap once the flowers are done. Your London town garden is very chic! :) Love the topiary. Loi

  2. That's SO funny! At least they are all one colour - your garden is so gorgeous and neat and precise - could you imagine if they had come up all colours under the sun! You're not a Virgo by any chance? Your taste in box hedging, bay trees and white flowers is suspiciously like mine. I can appreciate colourful cottage gardens and multi-coloured bunches of flowers for other people, but I am a strictly co-ordinated colour palette girl myself - nothing left to chance - my husband pulls his hair out at my need for straight lines on the lawn - and my idea of a vegetable patch is an 'attractive veg only' potager - I'm worse than the meanest bouncer at a London hotspot when it comes to 'unauthorised' colours in my garden - I even drive myself insane - lol!!! xx
    p.s. Red tulips or not - your garden is GORGEOUS!

  3. I absolutely agree with all of the above!!
    We were lucky enough to inherit the bones of this garden (box hedging, bays etc) from the previous owner- all I have to do is throw bulbs at it!! Oops!
    It's very low maintenance, and so perfect for a town garden.
    The strange thing is that instead of being mad, they just make me laugh. Must be getting old!

  4. What the heck; red or white, your front garden looks gorgeous! Hugs, B x

  5. Ha! Why didn't I think of it before- Red, White AND Blue-just in time for the Queens jubilee!!