Friday, 11 July 2014

Belated post......Part one......Bo-La......


After two years at College in Boston, number 1 Snowdrop is taking up a 6 month work placement in California.  Los Angeles and San Francisco to be precise.

He, and we, are going to miss lovely Boston.

I for one will miss the magnificent houses along Commonwealth Ave with their chi-chi- front gardens......

And of course Beacon Hill, where if I was going to live anywhere else it would be here......


After packing up Snowdrops room......

No, it wasn't that bad!......

We prepared for the journey east to west coast.

......California sunshine here we come......

For a boy from North London, Snowdrop knows he's hit the jackpot!


Crash pad......


And the bank of Mum and Dad......


What more could you ask for.  All he has to do is to continue to make us proud.

More by luck than design, we left Los Angeles at 10.30 in the evening, on the fourth of July, and witnessed the best firework display in town.  Seen from the sky, quite stunning......



It was amazing.

We flew with (here).

We stayed (here) and (here).

We ate some great food (here) and (here) and (here) !

Phew......sorry......a long post for me......I've bored myself.......

Hope you have a lovely weekend, I will, number 2 Snowdrop returns from his travels in China tomorrow.

Liz x


  1. What a fantastic experience for your number 1 Snowdrop Liz, and enjoy having your number 2 home from China this weekend! I have only just recently got my youngest son back from his Indian travels and he is home with us for the weekend….no I am a happy Mummy too! Have a lovely time….

    Sophia x

  2. Dear Liz, What an exciting time for all the Snowdrops! I too love Boston, but think I would be very happy in sunny California. Best wishes to all of you.

  3. Loving the menus at the restaurants you visited Liz. I cant decide between Fork in the road or True food. I'm feeling hungry already, I have to go and have a look in the fridge....have a great weekend.

  4. Liz my friend! How exciting! I've never been to California and would loooove to visit! I know you're grinning from ear to ear regarding your other son's return from China. Enjoy! xx

  5. Hello, Cali!!! I hope you will visit him often - who can resist the California sunshine? Please keep us posted! Cheers :)

  6. Good luck with the move, and have a wonderful time with your little snowdrop! Love Linda x

  7. Love that bit of LA! Hope you had an amazing time.
    Was hoping to get there more often as our No. 2 wanted to study in LA. She got accepted for Boston, which I was very happy with too, but in the end decided to stay in London ... oh, well, as long as they're happy! Caroline x

  8. Oh I've never seen fireworks from the sky. Must be lovely ! xx