Monday, 7 July 2014

The best laid plans......



Have just returned from two lovely weeks in America.


I fully intended to blog coast to coast as we travelled from Boston to Los Angeles.  But an un co-operative i pad and an un reliable wifi connection made my efforts quite frustratingly impossible!


So if I've posted strange comments on your blog - 3 or 4 times! Or not commented at all - I apologise!

Back home now and looking forward to catching up and getting back to blogging normal.

Hope you have a lovely week,

Liz x


  1. I am sure you had a wonderful time in the USA. It's great to be there.

    Hugs, Ingrid

  2. Hello Liz
    We get so used to being connected, that when we can't it's infuriating I know!
    My daughter lives in the countryside in France, where broadband isn't available - I feel totally cut off!
    I'm following you now as I love gardens and garden centres (with cafes are the most desirable in my view too)!!
    I have one Diptique candle to my name "Feuille de Lavande" the fragrance is like no other.

    Do pop over and say hello to me.

  3. Hi Liz - Can't wait to hear about your holiday in the States. Hope you enjoyed the 4th fireworks.

  4. I just happened on your blog via Silver Bunny - hope you will blog about your trip now you are home. I never blog when I go away, I really think that from time to time a break is as good as a rest.
    Like Shane above I am now following you - the Snowdrop Project is such an enticing title.

    1. Should have mentioned that I lived in Hertfordshire for over 20 years.

  5. Do, do give us a few glimpses of your trip, lucky you !xx

  6. Hi, just discovered your blog via Tone on Tone.
    Looks very intriguing and interesting to me. Love the images which indicate your sense of humour , will take some time to see and read some of your older posts. You are on "my list"!
    Greetings from the Périgord,

  7. Welcome home Liz! It sounds like you had a good time and I will look forward to hearing more about your trip in due course. Love that image of the manual typewriter - they always give me a flash of nostalgia and just look so literary! take care. Imogen xx

  8. Hope you had a wonderful trip to the States Liz! Thank you also so much for the very kind comment on my blog about my recent magazine shoot…..
    Sophia xx

  9. Well, I just read part 1 and it sounds like you had a blast!! xx