Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Bad Bunny......

I am usually pretty ambivalent to the (many) rabbits in our garden......

But returning from holiday I found that they are systematically stripping the young leaves and buds from the new roses planted just before I went away.

This is what they should have looked like......

Harkness rose - Keros, as seen at Chelsea Flower show.

But here they are surrounded by wire mesh covers - as suggested by the nice man in the garden centre......

Although, his other idea was to buy a pellet gun -so perhaps not such a nice man after all!

I'd be grateful if anyone has any handy tips or advice on how to keep my furry friends off my patch.

Here are some more beautiful images of roses that have escaped hungry rabbits......

......two dozen pinks roses......you shouldn't have!


......when one white will do......


......next year these will be mine......

......roses for every occasion......

Source: cremepurple

......like popping down to the supermarket!

In the meantime......these are for you bad bunnies......

Hope you all have a lovely week,

Liz x


  1. I can try talking to them but I can't promise any results ! xx

  2. I can imagine you were not happy with the visit of these rabbits. Here we have a lot of slugs in the garden. They like to eat plants and meanwhile they also destroy my garden dreams ;-).

    Hope your roses will blome so much better next year.

    Hugs, Ingrid

  3. Hello Liz,

    Oh dear, I do sympathise! Whilst creating our garden from scratch over the last five years, our furry friends have become our big enemy! You probably don't want to hear what my husband's solution is…..but apart from that one, we have had to invest in a lot of wire fencing and hard work, to protect the entire perimeter of our land! There is something called 'rabbit guard' I think which you can spray on which then tastes horrible to rabbits….worth a try?! Hopefully 'Harkness Rose - Keros' will be blooming for you next year!

    Sophia x

    ps. Had a wonderful day at the beach hut…thank you! x

  4. It is a nuisance those bunnies, I have them too this year for the first time, I am glad they have not touched my roses, but all Geranium buds, garden pinks have only stems left, buds or flowers have gone, they eat all my aquilegias....... The other problem is they look so funny and cute, see your first photo, so that I won´t do them any harm.

  5. We live in DC and they are showing up more and more in the city as well! No idea how to keep them away - would love tips as well!! xo L

  6. Oh no, hope your roses are well protected now. Have a good weekend. Caroline x

  7. Hi Liz,
    Oh, what a shame ……. it is so disheartening when that happens isn't it ? Lets hope that the bunnies have moved on to another garden !!!! Rabbits aren't a problem for us { there …. I've said it. We shall probably get thousands of them now !!! } but, we get foxes weeing on the lawn and squirrels digging holes for their nuts !! XXXX

  8. Liz!
    We have that same problem! We have a vegetable garden at the end of our back yard that they are always trying to get to. Thankfully, we have a fence around it and our dog chases them away whenever she's in the back yard. However, we also have squirrels and they have been attacking our apple tree! It is just out in the open so they have been picking the apples:-(. The hubby is not thrilled...

  9. Oh, the little monkeys. I wonder if once they are in the ground a year if the height will make a difference, unless you are dealing with Mega Monster Rabbits in which case,,,,,RUN!!!! x