Monday, 6 August 2012

Happy Returns......

Upon returning from holidays,

I love that first stroll round the garden......

Source:Brown dress with white spots

Cup of tea in hand......


Whilst I normally like a neat and tidy garden......

Source:Waterproof Valentines

It makes me smile to think of the garden going wild in our absence,

A little bit over grown......

Flowers in need of deadheading......

'While the cat's away!......'

Some old friends never let you down however......

The stunning Agapanthus......

The majestic Passion flower......

And a staple of the English garden, the ever present Hydrangea......

I did have visions of blogging while on holiday fuelled by Cava and Paella-and that obviously didn't happen!!

It's nice to go away, but its so good to be back!

Have a lovely day,



  1. Mmmmmm - Cava and Paella sound absolutely gorgeous - you've inspired me to try a little bit of Spain at home here in my Norfolk kitchen! Yes, I love coming home to my house and garden after a holiday - I'm a homebody at heart, and there's nowhere quite like it. Glad to have you back.
    Paula xxx

    1. Thanks Paula,
      It's lovely to be home.
      I am usually very happy to spend the summer here in England, just pottering around the house and garden. But the dreadful weather prompted us to book a last minute holiday in the sun. Of course there was a mini heat wave here as soon as I got on the plane!
      Hope you are having a lovely summer,

  2. I agree with you ; always exciting to leave but somehow soothing to come back (and see that the house is still there in one piece too !).XX

    1. Hi Silver Bunny,
      Yes ,I love the feeling of returning home!
      Looking round the house. Knowing everything is in its place.
      Then attacking the pile of laundry that follows any holiday!!
      Have a lovely evening,

  3. It's funny to have these little rituals upon our return, but it grounds us. You look so rested as you sip your tea;) Your garden still looks great and I have to say I am wowed by the passion flower. I have never seen that one before...some of us commoners from the colonies are not as fortunate as you to be able to grow them. Welcome back!

  4. An absolutely lovely post. I think everyone can relate.

    All best,

  5. Dear Liz - Sounds like you were in Spain. Hope your holiday was fun and relaxing. Your passion flowers are absolutely divine. Welcome back!
    Cheers from DC,

  6. Hey Liz, Hope you had a lovely time! Know how you feel - it is so good to get away but so lovely to come home! Your garden is STUNNING - more photos please. Love your tables and chairs and your plants - I just adore passion flowers. Your's is SO beautiful!